“Kaplan is an uncanny combination of the cerebral and the impassioned, exploring precise microtones amid lines of turbulent and elemental power.”
— Stuart Broomer, The New York City Jazz Record

“He romances the sound of his saxophone like no other player.”
— Raul D’Gama Rose, All About Jazz

“High-points were . . . Kaplan’s operatic microtonalism.”
— Tom Greenland, The New York City Jazz Record

“Noah Kaplan Quartet ‘Descendants’ is a tour de force of naked, off the hook, formidable free jazz.  Those who are in tune with this music, and understand the talent, imaginative horse power and commitment required to play it, will never get enough of this CD.”
– C.J. Bond, Jazz Music

“Such is Kaplan’s devout love of his craft . . . his playing is notable for its stylistic reach.  Kaplan explores history through supple illusion rather than explicit evocation.”
— The Wire

“Quite the auspicious debut . . . one that is quite impossible not to be entranced by.”
— Mark Corroto, All About Jazz

“A stellar young tenor saxophonist . . . excellent.”
— Thom Jurek, Image Journal

“Kaplan keeps things imbued with a strange and intoxicating weightlessness”
— Derek Taylor’s Best of 2011, Dusted Magazine

“A marker at the edge of western tonality”
— Cormac Larkin, The Irish Times